LuxUpYour Ambience with:

Iced tea with citrus on an indigo archipelago.
When the blinding blues of the sea and sky strike the eye, there’s refuge in the shadow of chalk walls at siesta time. The silence is broken only by the whisper of veils in white cotton. With this candle, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud extends an invitation to a dream island destination. A scent brimming with ocean mist and sun, embodied by a fresh infusion of jasmine tea plunged into a bath of citronella, orange and verbena. Suddenly, the everyday is a thousand miles away.
LV scented Candles flavors:
Fresh tea, Jasmine Sambac, Orange, Citronnella, Verbena, Neroli, Cardamom
Burn time: approximately 55h
Mineral wax with hand-painted braided cotton wick
After each use, we recommend trimming the wick to a length of approximately 6 millimeters (¼ inch) in order to ensure optimal burning on subsequent use.
Natural-leather handle: a testament to your candle’s provenance, this delicate leather is sensitive to scratches and, over time, acquires a unique amber patina and suppleness. This noble patina attests to the authenticity of Louis Vuitton’s legendary signature material. In the event of contact with water, gently dab with a light-colored, absorbent, lint-free cloth. Never use solvent to clean this leather.