By Luciano Garcia

Celebrity Edge:  is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated ocean ship in the world. It has just been released in Port Everglades, Florida. LuxUpYourLife accompanied the maiden voyage of the $ 1 billion ship!

This was the money amount what it cost to build the futuristic and disruptive Celebrity Edge, a long awaited launch by tourism. The ship has 16 decks, 300 meters long and was the first fully designed in 3D. Each corner was designed to surprise the most demanding passengers, as Ricardo Amaral, CEO of R11 company responsible for exclusive distribution of Celebrity Cruises in Brazil, says.

“The Celebrity Edge is fully evolutionary for what is considered a modern luxury experience, which is smart, technological luxury, without the bondage of connectivity. In this sense, you see the international wealthy public always searching for the newest ship on the market “

A “dream team” of architecture and interior design was summoned to build the ship. What stands out most by far is the unprecedented Magic Carpet: a huge outdoor platform with the dimensions of a tennis court that moves through dozens of decks on the high seas.

The ship is revolutionary because it has managed to combine design, luxury, technology and innovation. In the cabins, the passenger is able to control everything, as Nick Gordon explains:

“This ship is particularly one of the most advanced and technologically created. We have an app that you install on your smartphone, which allows you to control the lights, operate the tv, adjust the room temperature and even open and close the blinds … It’s so complete, you even get to reserve your table in specialty restaurants. “


The Celebrity Edge offers a variety of sophisticated suites. For cruise beginners, the vast majority are from endless balconies: this creates something totally new in cruise cabins. And in all of them there are king-size double beds with adjustable mattresses and a line of luxurious bed linen produced in Italy.

For those who want even more exclusivity, you can stay in a huge Penthouse. Another option is the Edge Villa suites, which are part of a new category of cabins in the company’s fleet. They are two floors, the first one has a living room and a private balcony with a bathtub. Elegant, clean, modern and chic! Whoever stays in these suites, take advantage of The Retreat space with its private pool and lounge, as well as enjoy bars and restaurants with exclusive menus.

But if everything seems so far surreal, it’s because I have not yet mentioned the sumptuous Iconic Suite. The largest and most luxurious cabin in the Celebrity fleet, has a huge outdoor terrace where the jacuzzi is and a resort-style cabin. It is an apartment on the high seas, as Marc Tardiff says:

“The 240 square meters Suite, and only the balcony 64m big! They are two bedrooms with king size beds and all possible luxury, with the right to own butler. The Iconic Suite accommodates up to 6 people and the interesting is the location of it. We are just below the ship’s navigating bridge, with pretty much the same insider’s view of the cruise captain. “

Rooftop garden is like a large square. Architect Tom Wright designed a lively urban setting where interactive games and activities take place throughout the day and at night the place becomes an open-air movie theater.


The Celebrity Edge has 29 restaurants and bars, including seven specialty restaurants. I talked to Chef Michelin star Cornelius Gallagher who is also VP of Food and Beverage at Celebrity.

“We’re talking design, the feel of the restaurant. We ensure that one aspect complements the other. And of course, it’s something for everyone: the concept reflects the refinement and power of the Celebrity brand. When I first started working here, I noticed that we did not have the concept of a sushi restaurant. It did not make sense … and it was a great mission for us to develop the Sushi on Five restaurant, a revolution in this specialty. “

 The crew has more than 1400 people from 72 different countries. One of the Maître Perseverando Bochi, who said that on this ship there is not only one main restaurant:

“We pulled out the main restaurant, which most cruise lines have. We split the main restaurant in four and personalized it: we have the Tuscany, turned to Italian cuisine, the Normandie of French gastronomy, upstairs the Cyprus of Mediterranean, Greek cuisine. And we have the Cosmopolitan more focused on the American public. “

One of the nights here on the ship, I dined at the French restaurant Le Grand Bistrot. It was an amazing experience. Animated projections with characters prepare their dishes. As magic, they finish the dished in front of you.

On a ship trip, you end up eating really, such a variety of options. But there’s no excuse for not keeping fit: the ship has a gigantic gym with state-of-the-art equipment, studios and even spinning room. In this area, the SPA is also an invitation to your well-being. There are 120 different treatments available including a massage called “zero gravity”.


16 state-of-the-art videomapping laser projectors create giant theater settings. 3D animation technology in aerial performances. Everything draws attention here. If technology steals the scene a few times, the different shows every night do not let less. The company Celebrity has recruited the best artists from all ships to perform the presentations here. The result is memorable nights at sea.


The concept of modern luxury, present everywhere, creates magical atmospheres … surreal environments, like the Eden. The place has three floors and is transformed throughout the day. In the mornings, a relaxing space, to forget about life. But when night falls, entertainment takes over. Artistic performances instigate passengers. It’s a living, engaging spectacle that you’re part of. The bohemian twist mixes unique culinary experiences and makes us sure we may be surprised even more.