What is my book DREAMY REALITY all about?
Over the last few years I traveled to dozens of cities (over 35) across continents and wherever I went this specific feeling of melancholy and mystique never left me.  Like many star-crossed lovers, the only thing that I have is my memories when i travel– of this love that seem more complete when left unrequited and traveling made it more intense.
Each new place I visited had a story to tell and every story seemed connected to mine.  I captured the images, feelings and emotions either on camera or on paper, at times unsure whether I am running after a dream or chasing reality.  This eventually became my Dreamy Reality – and these images, these words , some prose some poetry are fragments of  love – unrequited love. It is something that every human experience at least once in their lifetime.

My book has 60 of my best shots from 25+ cities around the world with poetry and short prose for each image. Its a book for travelers, photography enthusiasts, people who read poetry and micro-tales and of course for lovers who loved and lost.