Rico Decasper

I am Rico Decasper and this is my fashion styling advise, being more than 40 years in Fashion business within Fendi, Gucci, Channel and ending my career by Longchamp, I have completed my path from the Run-Ways and I am enjoying life in La Bellisima Italia (Capri)

When I was young I discovered the definition of the fabric’s artwork, special materials and jewelry components that compose the elegance we should try on our bodies every day.

Being always passionate about my mentors of the high end brands,  I learned that without feeling any breathtaking as  I observed the dedication of every masterpiece creation, I was not going to be the director of Fashion I became.

I met Paola 10 years ago and at the first moment we spoke I realized the sense of elegance she exposed herself with, nothing was off limit, she had a high level eye style education that really surprised me.  It was always a great pleasure dressing her  with the Fashion styling of every season, but she knew already what the trend was and what exact would suit her, certainly she started to coach sometimes my other clients which it was very freshly and glamorous done. I was so delighted about her way of putting pieces together and combination of colors. Her walk in high heels determinates her latin character with an extravagant smile!

She Loves art, photography, texture, colors and People… She found inspiration, built a portfolio, developed concepts and organized shoots.  I will support Paola starting this Journey, couching together to redefine your  Fashion Style!

We love the sophistication of a St Barth’s beach, the elegance of a well-served black Halibutt, sleep on 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton stripe sheet sets. We love a moisturizer roses oil good morning face cream, and a refreshing  Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam at the TY Bar at the Four Seasons in NY…

We Love  LuxUpYourLife!!