Sameer Tariq

Strategy and Business Transformation expert working in financial services industry by the day and a dreamer, traveler, painter, photographer and a published writer by the night,  living in one of the greatest cities of the world – New York .   I am what they call a ‘human cocktail’ – born in Muscat and then at age 2 i moved to a city that is the epitome of luxury – one of the fastest growing cities in the world Dubai – and after spending my entire life in Dubai,i now live and work in New York .  I have written articles and stories in several publication including Express Tribune – and then in 2017 i had my first book published called “Dreamy Reality “ – A true gypsy at heart and a nomadic soul, i have traveled to over 40 cities around 5 continents only in the last 3 years and through all my journey,  the photographer and the writer in me kept a visual journal by clicking images and writing pieces of prose and poetry about the emotions and feelings a certain place or time evoked in me at some point in some city. This collection of images and writing became the inspiration of my first published book and now through my words and captured moments on my camera, i like to share experiences with you, hoping that they inspire you and make you take that next trip, that next journey or share your own experiences with others – After all, the plan is to leave with memories not dreams – isn’t it?