Carnival in Venice

By Paola Zuber

Traditional food and delicious drinks will be present throughout the Venetian festival. On Saturday evening and Sunday, the historic procession takes place with decorated boats in the canals, the tradition of Venetian rowing boats in conjunction with the carnival offers the public along the Rio di Cannaregio samples of Venetian cuisine.


On Saturday, the Grand Teatro in Piazza San Marco will open with the Festa

delle Marie and 12 girls in the most beautiful costumes of the Renaissance, on Sunday the carnival will be officially celebrated!


The special thing about the carnival in Venice are the colorful masks that allow you to hide your identity and slip into a new role. The imaginative costumes are art pieces and you can purchase them in the fabulous design ateliers.


The carnival in Venice is a centuries-old tradition, even Casanova loved the hustle and bustle, where he could indulge his desires undetected. This tradition is still one of the most festivals in the world where the colorful magic of Venice and its guests transform themselves for a few foolish days.


Besides Rio de Janeiro, Venice is undoubtedly the most famous carnival in the world. A week before carnival, Venice is transformed into a single masked ball. Wherever you go, the fools and sumptuously costumed mask bearers rule the lagoon city. A unique experience for anyone coming to Venice for carnival. In its roots, the hustle and bustle go back to the 15th century, where the Doge celebrated for the first time the victory over northern Aquileia on carnival. After the ban on the Carnival by Napoleon, he was revived in 1979 again.


Costume designers and mask makers experienced an unprecedented boom and Venice rapidly became the stronghold of carnival in Europe. Every year since then, flocks of fools and onlookers visit the lagoon city on the carnival weekend and bring the public life of Venice almost once more to a standstill.


Although the mask wearers themselves are usually no Venetians anymore, there are many beautiful masks and costumes that make a visit to the carnival worthwhile. Every year, the best masks are awarded and on St. Mark’s Square, great events are held every evening. With a big firework on Shrove Tuesday, the bustle ends abruptly, and Venice returns to its normal life.