Indonesia: the exotic country that everyone falls in love with!

By Luciano Garcia

Thousands of islands scattered along a large circle on the planet, separating the Indian Ocean from the Pacific. They could not be more different from each other. Thousands of ethnic and linguistic groups, cultures and religions inhabit the largest archipelago in the world, but there are some characteristics they all have in common, without exception: lush vegetation, abundant wildlife, tropical climate and ancient tribes. This is Indonesia, “The Emerald of Ecuador.”


The Indonesian archipelago is a natural spectacle. Flaming volcanoes tower over dense jungles, sheltering rare and wonderful creatures. On the other side turquoise seas with white and gray sands. Dramatic views are found in profusion and adventure awaits every nook and cranny. Rich diversity, exotic flora and fauna, impressive religious monuments, unique vacation destination make Indonesia one of the most amazing countries on Earth.


Indonesians are considered one of the most friendly people in the world. Land gentle, peaceful, polite and happy.

West Java


The island of unimaginable natural beauty has something special. Its immense cultural heritage is a kaleidoscope that mixes ancient Buddhism, seductive Hinduism and intriguing Islam creates a kind of sacred atmosphere. This makes Java the absolute cultural jewel of the country.


One of the major cities is Banyuwangi, which literally means aromatic water, nickname associated with local legend. It is from here that one can explore all the charms of the island of Java.

The fishing village, with its colorful boats, is like a poem.

Gandrung Sewu is the colossal dance festival with thousands of dancers. They celebrate prosperity, grateful after the harvest of rice.


In the middle of the Javanese jungle, a giant wave spectacle in Grajajan Bay. The legendary surfers’ paradise paradise has the most perfect waves in the world.

The challenge at Ijen Volcano


It is not just climbers who can walk from Banyuwangi to the impressive crater of Ijen volcano and be amazed by the blue flames that sprout among the yellow sulfurous rocks, cut and collected manually by the traditional miners.


A huge crater with a turquoise lake and huge columns of smoke leave the site of sulfur extraction.


The alarm clock rings around midnight. To reach the top of Ijen volcano in time to climb and see the effect of the blue flame at night, you have to get up early. To reach the top of Kawah Ijen at 2,368 meters, you need to take a breath. It is about four hours of climb. It is a Martian landscape, marvelous and suffocating at the same time. After the steep trail in the dark – just lit by the lantern – we arrived at the edge of the crater.


From that point, oxygen is invaded by sulfuric gas. It’s almost unbearable. I put on the gas mask, to continue breathing. At the bottom of the crater, I see an intense bright blue light. The effect of the incandescent blue flame is caused by the combustion of hot sulphurous gases released by the volcano that ignite when they enter the atmosphere rich in oxygen. A unique show in the world. Thanks for the adventure! ”


Blue fire is sulfuric gas that burns with an intense blue glow at temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius.

Bali: the land of gods


Bali is the most universally loved island on the planet. And although it is almost a cliché, there is not much to disagree with. Exotic fruits, scenic rice terraces, temples in the jungle, charming hotels and those surreal romantic finals of late .. there is plenty to choose from.


Located between the island of Java and Lombok, Bali has a rich and diverse culture that is quite peculiar. The Balinese architecture houses thousands of Hindu temples throughout all corners and nooks.


Bali delights with its dramatic dances and colorful ceremonies, its arts and crafts

Balinese Hindu temples everywhere. You do not take too long to find them. All houses have at least one of them, right at the entrance. Jasmine, hibiscus, orchids and frangipani: in the baskets the flowers are offerings to the gods.


The powerful charisma of Bali probably lies in the wonderful blend of various cultures and religions. Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims live together in harmony and accept each other’s differences.

Late afternoon at Ayodya Resort in Bali


The enigmatic Uluwatu temple


Uluwatu means “temple of the monkeys” and is one of the most incredible attractions on the island. It sits on the edge of a cliff, about 70 meters in front of the sea.


Here you experience unforgettable moments where the sun slowly sets on the horizon. It is at that moment that a beautiful serenade takes place. The typical dance of Bali tells of a fragmented drama of the Ramayana, a Hindu Sanskrit.


The Kecak dance tells the story of the Ramayana in which Sita, the wife of Prince Rama, is abducted by the ogre Rahwana.

Ubud: the refuge where dreams come true

Away from the sea and in the center of the island lies Ubud, surrounded by dense rainforests, unique landscapes and lots of local tradition. Despite the zen climate, there is an excellent tourist infrastructure. Although Bali is mainly associated with the sea and the sand, there are many other ways to enjoy the romantic atmosphere, relax and fall in love.


Soon Julia Roberts comes to mind in the famous movie “Eat, Pray and Love” and everything is immediately clear: there is a jungle, rice fields, infinity pools, spa retreats, massage, yoga, meditation, spirituality and inviting food for enjoy. It is hard to say whether it was the memoir of American author Elizabeth Gilbert or Julia Roberts that made Ubud so much in evidence.


Ubud : o refúgio onde os sonhos se realizam

From true hanging gardens sprout endless pools in the middle of the jungle. Ubud is the perfect getaway for all nature lovers looking for tranquility and serenity.


You can choose from a wide variety of stylish resorts, luxurious villas with private pools, tree houses or secluded properties. In particular, a romantic bungalow of Ayung Resort Ubud, disputed by couples on honeymoon.


Tegalalang is what are called rice paddies, real rice terraces. In addition to being the food base of Indonesia, rice farming is part of the local culture. There are millennial rituals that are intrinsically linked to religion, in honor of the Rice Goddess, Dewi Sri, and the philosophy of the Balinese people.


Ubud has become one of the capitals of yoga and spiritual encounter. There are a lot of people coming here to spend a season with this purpose. Some people even believe that this is a magical place where dreams come true. In today’s smartphone era, sharing everything we do online, one of the best ways to recharge is to disconnect. Doing so in an environment that is begging to be experienced rather than simply photographed gives a great sense of peace and gratitude for quiet moments.

Flores Island and the Komodo Dragons


The tranquil fishing village of Labuan Bajo on Flores Island is the starting point for most attractions in one of the most lush regions of Indonesia.

Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa: Luxurious retreat for passionate couples

The beautiful Pink Beach is full of coral reefs filled with fish.


Magic and occultism are the main features throughout the island. The western territories not only lead to the last living dinosaurs on our planet, but also to spectacular volcanoes and unique tribes whose culture has changed little over the centuries. Here is access by the sea to the Komodo National Park where these millennial animals reside.


Komodo dragons, pink beaches, chocolate hills and clear, breathtaking waters: Komodo National Park is home to some of the world’s most extraordinary islands.



The islands of Indonesia have become the mecca of vegans, lovers of organic food and fans of an environmentally friendly environment. The food here is a perfect example of the culinary fusion of the world. It is characterized by the use of locally available aromatic spices and vegetables.


A little of the intense flavor of the typical Indonesian dishes comes from bittersweet ingredients such as the sweet and thick soy sauce called “kecap manis”, which is used in numerous dishes. Other ingredients such as tamarind, lemon, ginger, saffron and lemon balm are also used to give a flavor


In dessert, the highlight is the dragon fruit, a lilac variation of the exotic pita. With high antioxidant content, it is recommended to improve metabolism.