LuxUpYourTie-Dye fashion trend: Spring/Summer 2019 Trend

Tie-dye celebrated its big return for the summer of 2019.

This renowned process from the 70s returns in various shapes, materials and colours.

It combines lightness with the carefree spirit of summer.

Blue tones and especially tie-dye denim are already a great success. Other designers take the opportunity to use livelier colours, highlighting the handmade process, proposing the creation of something new with something old.

By playing with colours and materials we are able to turn this popular process into something modern and chic. Interview with Interview Stella:It just felt like the right spirit you know, the tie-dye is such a light spirit, it has a fantasy of like being on holiday and you know being in a club and dancing and being, there’s a youthfulness to it as well. But I think that in the colour ways that we did it, they feel very sort of delicate, they are a lot more palatable.

Interview with Massimo Giorgetti:I’m in love with this collection because there is a lot of handmade pieces all the tie & dye, all the knitwear, all the feather, all the silk is tie and died in hand in Italy.

LuxUpYourPockets the new accessory for the summer?

Will women become a modern adventurer replacing bags with pockets?

We saw an appearance of multi-pockets with the return of safari and waist-length jackets.

Even the fishing gilet has become chic under the eyes of designers. The trend has been taken even further with shirts, jumpsuits and trousers all adorned with pockets, big or small, original or multiplied.

Fendi made it one of his leitmotifs of his new collection. Pockets also add a functional, casual and sporty aspect to clothes. They are practical and free hands with an effect similar to that of a bum-bag, a kind of continuity. They have become the new object of creativity.

Interview with Silvia Venturini Fendi: I would say that the key word of this collection is functionality, because we really have been treating garments like they were functional accessories, you know, so you find the pockets that normally you have inside the bags, this time are placed on garments.

LuxUpYourJumpsuits, the new Fashion Statement!: 

A jumpsuit is imposed as this summer’s fashion statement! It is THE piece that all designers have reinterpreted in a variety of styles for all occasions throughout the day. We see it in its original version, the authentic and functional work uniform.

Long, wide and adorned with drawstrings or zips for the utmost comfort and ease. It takes on an urban allure, turning into a suit.

For spring, it brings a touch of freshness, with flowery prints and the subtle show of skin.

Plain white, is the chosen colour for summer. For a casual style wear it folded up at the ankles, with pockets accentuating the casual look.

It becomes feminine and light for a bustier version in a range of supple and romantic materials with guipure additions. It can be worn in thousands of ways, with a shirt or even tied at the waist.We also love the short version, it’s extremely desirable, very transparent and sexy in leather!

For the evening, it’s elegant and classy replacing the famous little black dress! It goes well with both boots and stilettos.

To conclude, it shines brightly in lamé for a night out, as well as with sequins and sensual details for a couture look, seen in a hybrid version by Chanel.

LuxUpYourSummer with Leather 

Leather is omnipresent this summer. Worshiped by all designers, it is THE material that will make you irresistible.

It stands out well in all possible shapes and styles! The most stylish piece of all: the coat dress, zipped and belted, it highlights feminine curves, worn with nothing underneath for more sensuality. Another revisited basic is the suit trouser. This leather version adds character to a silhouette. It’s available in all colours, from the most classical to the most unexpected tones, from bright to pastel colours in patent or in matt.

Treated in the same way as fabric, it is draped, pleated and gathered for increased femininity.

Leather takes on different aspects. For a lighter look it is perforated, imitating the caning pattern.On the contrary, it can become protective, rigid and sculptural.It gives off a rock appearance in black.It is adorned with patterns, graphics and flowers for increased fantasy.

Another big trend this summer, it is cut into long and short strips for a very precise folk and bohemian look.