This Morning I woke up and I decided to visit my new Estée Lauder makeup ambassador in Zurich.

She took me to an exited trip through the great variety of Estée Lauder products and you will see what came up:

My look” can be seen from afar: make-up and eyes quite discreet – and a strong color on the lips. “My style is not crazy, it’s more natural,”  “Everybody should find their own make-up and underline their best sides, which of course will not work without the proper care, so it should always be the basis.”

I took all products with me and from my bathroom, I will introduce them to you. My summer suggestions and the best of all: the Bronze Goddess, the Summer Look Palette

The newly designed Summer Look range is an absolute all-rounder. Six eyeshadows in nuances of beige and brown over turquoise to olive green offer almost endless possibilities for a summery eye make-up. The additionally contained blushes in soft pink and peach bring freshness to the cheeks.

You should always be true to yourself redefining your true inside beauty!!!

The Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation for a flawless complexion

A good foundation is the alpha and omega for a perfect make-up. With the Double Wear Foundation from Estée Lauder, you can easily cover small redness, blemishes and more. You will see: Thanks to this medium to high coverage primer, your complexion looks much more even. You get the high quality product, which is suitable for all skin types, in 19 color variants, so that for each the suitable version can be found. Another plus point of the Foundation is its integrated sun protection factor of less than 15. The liquid texture with a matte finish does not contain any oils, but does not dry out the skin. Last but not least, the primer scores with its long durability.

Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter

Estée Lauder’s Double-Wear Brush-On-Glow BB Highlighter and Concealer lightens the skin visually. The skin is optically perfected, small impurities are concealed and fine lines hidden. Dark eye shadows are visually brightened thanks to the unique Photo-Optic technology. The complexion looks radiant and modeled. Used as a highlighter, cheekbones are accentuated and the eye area lightened. Thanks to its refreshing and nourishing formula, the complexion immediately looks fresh and refreshed. Fatigue looks like magic and the skin feels soft and supple.

Modern Muse Le Rouge Perfume

With Modern Muse Le Rouge, Estée Lauder presents a flowery oriental seduction. The dual scent structure is characterized by two characteristic fragrance chords: extracts of Bulgarian Rose and Rosa Centifolia combine in the seductive rose chord with fruity extracts of blackcurrant and raspberry, tangy pink pepper and saffron to an exciting mix that the vivacity of the color red and the “Modern Muse Le Rouge” woman captures. Their unique style and presence are perfectly emphasized in the sensual cream chord by the combination of sensual Madagascar vanilla, patchouli essences, earthy vetiver and feminine accents of magnolia blossoms and jasmine.

The Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara for perfectly defined eyelashes

You dream of voluminous, dense eyelashes that give your look that certain something? Then try the Sumptuous Extreme Mascara by Estée Lauder. It gives the fine hairs a seductive momentum and at the same time ensures visually longer and denser eyelashes. The gloss effect of the deep black ink optimally underlines the expression of your eyes and puts them flattering in scene. Thanks to the innovative brush, the application is child’s play and the results are truly impressive. Perfume was omitted in this product.

DayWear Multi-Protection Antioxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer SPF15

The moisturizer is a true gift for normal and combination skin. Also for skin types that tend to dry skin, Estée Lauder shows a pleasant soothing effect and provides dry areas with sufficient moisture. The smooth texture of the cream is easy and pleasant to apply to the parts of the face and is wonderfully gentle on the skin. The result is a pleasantly soft, refreshed skin that provides a radiant look all day long.

Pure Color Love Lipstick: simple elegance or extravagance

The Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick is fun with its colors and finishes. The shades can be applied or mixed individually, for the perfect, individual color result. With different finishes, a very unique look can be created. Be it neutral tones or flashier Flash Chrome effects, the color tones are designed to give you completely new color combinations.

Pure Color Envy, Sculpting EyeShadow 5-Color Palette

The absolute must-have for every eyeshadow lover. 5 eyeshadow nuances of the superclass. Velvety texture with creamy quality. All palettes offer multiple finishes: nuances for a trendy, dull look, creamy satin nuances for elegant sheen, and metallic nuances with mother-of-pearl for a touch of brilliance. This makes it easy to play with any look.

Pure Color Nail Lacquer

Turn your fingertips into a fashion statement with sensational shades. Designed with True Vision ™ technology to turn ordinary colors into something out of the ordinary. Fast-drying and long-lasting formula that allows for strong coverage.