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In more than fifteen years of experience in international luxury tourism, I have always focused on the perfection of a professional venue to create the most unforgettable luxury experience. It is all about creating those wonderful moments that together with us..

Inspiring a luxury holiday experience in winter or sun, from skiing breaks to sensational safaris, luxury cruises and adventure trips in far-flung locales to exotic beach holidays and five-star hotels.

Personal recommendations by the leading lights of the luxury industry and business world from the latest restaurant openings, cocktail menus and gourmet foods, expert reviews of the finest wines, award-winning champagne and rare spirits.

Coaching on luxury women’s & men’s fashion including beauty support, new trends and collections: clothes, shoes, accessories and designer products. Explore the new wardrobe essentials in women’s and men’s styling by participating in our industry-leading fashion shoots and features. ​

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Proud of myself to have some fantastic friends within different enviroments who are happy to gives us their advices to redefine our luxury lifestyle.